Class Schedule

Our 2017-18 Session 3 will meet on Thursdays from Jan. 11 through Feb. 15, 2018.

Membership Fees

Membership Fees for this 6-week session are $100 per family. Families can also take ONE class for $40.

How to Join

Follow our steps on How to Join.


Time Room 302 Room 304 Room 311 Room TBA
10:30-11:30 European Storytime Start a Business (FULL) Dance with Shanti Edge Class 1
Noon-1 STEAM Doll Clothes Ukulele (FULL) Edge Class 2
1:05-2:05 Preschool Science (FULL) Mehndi Pinewood Derby Board Games

Class Descriptions

European Storytime, Birthe Seeberg (co-taught by Cara Rodriguez)
Ages: 8 and under
Class Limit: None
Materials Fee: TBA

Pack your bags and get ready to travel to Europe! Each week we visit a different country through picture books and Europe related activities. Recommended for ages 8 and under, but older students with a travel bug are welcome, too!

Start a Business, Sarah Russell
(CLASS IS FULL; contact instructor to get on wait list)
Ages: 8 and up
Class Limit: 15
Materials Fee: TBA

I will be using Junior Achievement’s More than Money program. This is a introduction to financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Through hands-on activities students will learn practical approach to starting a business and making smart money decisions.

World Dance, Shanti Johnson
Ages: 8 and up. All parents welcome!
Class Limit: None
Materials Fee: None

Travel around the World Through Dance: Warm up with modern and jazz movements to jazz and blues music; Learn an Aztec/Mexchica dance from Mexico danced in a circle with a drum; Four Sevillanas from Spain danced in couples; Dance some Tango from Uruguay and Argentina; and the famous La Bamba dance from Veracruz, Mexico. Presentation on the last day of class. Parents welcome. Dancers should bring a hard-heeled pair of shoes (no high heel necessary); barefoot possibility and leg warmers or socks if it is cold. If dancers have jazz shoes, bring them please.

Little Explorers Preschool Science, Andrea Arnold
(CLASS IS FULL; contact instructor to get on wait list)
Ages: 6 and under
Class Limit: 16
Materials Fee: $10

Have some fun and explore some basic science concepts with us through experimentation and play! Each week we will play around with a new question: How do penguins stay dry? What happens when we mix this? Magnetic…or not? What sense makes sense? And more.

Dolls and Accessories Making Class, Lauren Feese
(co-teachers: Shauna Huizenga and Andrea Arnold)
Ages: 6-12
Class Limit:
Materials Fee: Donations

Come make dolls, doll clothes, and doll furniture in this class. In this class each week will focus on a different construction project, and each class will have the time for students to go indepth on independent projects. We will use old clothing for many of our projects and encourage students to bring these items from home. Donations are welcome.

Build, Paint, and Learn to Play the Ukulele, Stephen Covington-O’Kelley
(CLASS IS FULL; contact instructor to get on wait list)
Ages: 7 and up
Class Limit: 10
Materials Fee: (SEE NOTE BELOW!)

Class Requirements: All students must purchase the following Ukulele Kit that is currently selling on Amazon for $33.99:

***** It is important that it is this particular ukulele everyone brings to class.  Other kits may require considerably more assembly than what we can manage in a 1-hour class. *****

Come and experience the joy of the World’s most maligned stringed instrument- the Ukulele. During the first 2 to 3 classes, we will sand, paint and string a lovely, little soprano ukulele manufactured by thefretwire.  The rest of the time will be spent learning how to play their instrument.  If the fates be with us, we will learn and perform, “Octopus’s Garden,” by the Beatles.

S.T.E.A.M. Challenges, Alison Harwood
Ages: All ages (6 and under should have a parent on hand)
Class Limit: 25
Materials Fee: $10 per student or $20 per family

STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Each week during this session we will focus on one of these letters and complete a related project to better understand a core concept within each area (with a bonus day when we will complete challenges). Join us as we explore life science by dissecting owl pellets, make a “magic” spinning pencil, and more.

Mehndi Body Art, Kim Miohuidden
Ages: 6 and up
Class Limit: TBA
Materials Fee: $5

Using henna or body art pens, students 6 to tween will learn the history of mehndi from Southeast Asia to the Middle East and decorate their bodies (traditionally hands and feet–probably hands in this case since it’s a bit cold to be barefoot, and the henna needs to dry). Students will also learn how to mix the henna with lemon juice and essential oils, and how long to age it for optimal performance. Younger children will probably have to use pens or have a parent with them to use henna. It stains and it also doesn’t perform well under squiggly conditions (while drying it can smear, etc.).

Pinewood Derby, Dominique Papa
Ages: TBA
Class Limit: TBA
Materials Fee: TBA

Design, make, and race a pinewood derby car! We may be using hammers, saws, and carving tools. To keep it safe and fun for everyone, a parent can attend and assist younger or less experience participants. A donation for materials is welcomed. We will get a list posted soon for stuff to collect over the winter break.

EDGE 1: Jr. Storytellers Club, Rick Olson
Ages: 5-8 (but all ages are welcome!)
Class Limit: min 4, max 9 (class must meet minimum to run, but will run 1st day no matter what)
Materials Fee: $75

Let your imaginations run wild as we craft our very own stories.   Using nothing more than some pictures, some dice and our minds we will create stories both on our own and as a group.  Run by Mr. Rick and Mr. Kevin from our friends at EDGE Youth Theatre, this class will blend both co-operation and individuality and encourages a “Yes, and” environment of support and community as we create together.   We will also take time to focus on creating characters and story arcs, and there will be at least one day of crafting as we create characters of our very own. Lots of fun, lots of laughs, and lots of creativity will be bouncing off all the walls of the classrooms as we turn into story masters! Reading is NOT necessary for this class, a willingness to play and participate is highly encouraged.

EDGE 2: Foam Fight!:  The Hunger Games, Rick Olson
Class Limit: min 4, max 10
Materials Fee: $75

May the odds be ever in your favor when you enter the Hunger Games!  Play elimination-style foam fights, survival activities, and many more riveting games in this action-packed class based on the beloved young adult novels! This is primarily a battle-oriented class.  While controlled, we will be making contact with Nerf/foam weapons in our scenarios.   Some projectiles will be used some weeks, goggles/eye protection not required, but encouraged.

Board Games, Stephen Covington-O’Kelley
Ages: All
Class Limit: None
Materials Fee: None

We will bring a bunch of games and facilitate play. We have a variety of games for different ages, skills, reading levels, and ability. Kids may bring games from home to share. If you have younger children, you may need to stay and help facilitate play.